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/ Sublimation

ECO TECHNIKAL has put in effort for a more comprehensive and multifaceted coverage of market requirements. Since 2002 we’ve adopted additional technology for surface treatments of aluminium profiles – that is the method of fake wood – sublimation.

We’re always loyal to our most fundamental work ethic of “Quality Control”. Our specifications are always improving, providing an absolute and uncompromising quality guarantee.

We do this by following a set standard of practice, some of which include:

  • Using a special polyurethane powder paint as substrate
  • High standard chemical preparation of profiles
  • Sea-side class certification
  • QUALICOAT certification
  • High quality inks for producing the film imprinting, and
  • We cooperate with the leading companies that also have strict global guidelines to ensure the best product we can provide.

The combination of the above gives a final product with high aesthetics and high durability as with all ECO TECHNIKAL opening or sliding aluminium systems, whether they are insulated or not. In our ultra modern paint shops, aluminium is very difficult to tell apart from real wood optically, only if touched.

We have more than 40 sublimation colours, meeting the needs and demands of all our customers.

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