Electrostatic Powder

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/ Electrostatic Powder

Electrostatic powder is one of the most prevalent international surface treatments of aluminium.

Based on a combination of appropriate chemical treatments which ensures corrosion resistance and the implementation of a wide variety of polyester powder shades, which improve the resistance and aesthetic appeal of the final product.

ECO TECHNIKAL facilities have powder coating lines with a total capacity of 58,000 tonnes per year. Our production lines are certified according to internationally recognised certificates GSB, Qualanod, Qualicoat and Seaside Class. Additional ecological powders that are used are free from toxic hardener TGIC (chrome free) demonstrating due respect to people and the environment.

ECO TECHNIKAL is a pioneer in the field of surface treatments because:

  • We have large dispersion units so that we can quickly treat aluminium with electrostatic powder, allowing for better results and faster services.
  • We have the potential for high production.
  • We use one of the biggest powder coating line for components in Europe.
  • We are certified in the production processes of GSB and QUALICOAT.
  • We have a deep knowledge of the techniques and equipment used worldwide.

With respect to the environment and humans

The new electrostatic powder of ECO TECHNIKAL allows for green management, while still achieving the elimination of toxic substances from production (powders, chemicals) and reduces water consumption. The management of waste-water facilities of the electrostatic powder is exemplary and fully consistent with current environmental legislation.

The “Green” technology of titanium compounds in chemical treatment has been adopted by ECO TECHNIKAL for almost three years, replacing hexavalent chromium products. After extensive research in collaboration with leading multinational chemical companies, we strive to respect people, the environment and aim to produce the optimum quality of electrostatic paint.

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