Shading and Safety

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/ Shading and Safety

Innovative shading system with rotating louvers (pergola) for ultimate adjustment of shading and protection from rain.

Minimal design, ideal for outdoor spaces in residences, hotels, etc.

  • Completely hidden mechanism fixed easily into the profile for a perfect aesthetic result.
  • Full louver rotation (0º – 135º) for sufficient shading throughout the day.
  • Special design for controlled rain water outflow.
  • Selection of various blinds with different shapes.
  • May be placed also vertically so as to be used for building shading.

  • Completely concealed hardware
  • Louver rotation up to 135º
  • Selection of two louvers
  • Max width 4.0m


Large variety of opening shutters, all possible typologies (fixed, single-ply, two-ply, four-leaf) with traditional and modern design.

  • Variety of solutions in shutters, series M9300, with various sashes and frames either independent, unified or divided.
  • Special system M5300, with its own independent frame and hidden hinges.
  • Special solution for placing the shutter inside of the frame, especially for traditional buildings and settlements (Manis type shutter).
  • Plugging decorative profiles around the shutter blinds simulating the appearance of traditional wooden shutters (Series M9300).
  • Large variety of profile blinds to fill the shutter panels depending on the clients’ preferences and requirements.


M5600 is our shading system for fixed or adjustable slope louvers with constructive and aesthetic multiform characteristics which control the shading and natural lighting. This is achieved with elliptical blinds which have the potential to be fitted either horizontally or vertically, with the possibility of motion or stationary.

A big variety of different widths and louvers are available and many solutions are offered due to the fact that M5600 cooperates with every curtain wall by Eco Technikal. Additionally the system offers a wide range of specific profiles for use in ventilation openings for garages as engine rooms, garages, warehouses, etc.

The widths of composite louvers are available from 100mm to 800mm.

  • Unified louvers 100mm up to 300mm width
  • Composite louvers 320mm up to 800mm


Polycarbonate sheets offer multiple applications and are recommendable for the construction of atriums, sunroofs, partitions, windows, skylights, canopies , greenhouses, kiosks, sliding canopies and noise wall.

  • They supersede traditional materials such as glass.
  • They are lightweight, flexible , almost unbreakable, heat insulating, translucent, sound insulating and offer protection against solar and infrared radiation.
  • They prevent fire and smoke spread and are easy to clean since they prevent from dust accumulation.
  • Delivered only custom-made and this minimizes the waste.

  • Available in various thicknesses such as 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm.
  • Available in a variety of colours such as white, transparent, bronze, green, and blue, satisfying every possible requirement.


New generation of top-mounted rolling shutters of high aesthetics that offer anti-burglar protection as well.

  • Reinforced and multi-chambered profiles for enhanced sturdiness.
  • Smooth operation with emphasis on metal noise and vibration minimization.
  • Ideal for covering large spans.
  • Both in flat and curved lines.
  • 4 dimensions of boxes: 14.5 x 19cm, 18.5 x 19cm, 22 x 22cm, 25 x 25cm.


Insulating rolling shutters M13800 in compliance with up-to-date technology, and characterised by high aesthetics and anti-burglar protection.

M13800 is the new generation of insulating rolling shutters, of high aesthetics and anti-burglar protection.

  • Reinforced and multi-chambered profiles for enhanced sturdiness.
  • Smooth operation with emphasis on metal noise and vibration minimization.
  • Ideal for covering large openings.
  • Both in straight and curved lines.
  • Insulating version with Usb ~ 2 W/m2K.
  • In 3 key dimensions (14.5 x 19cm, 18.5 x 19cm, 22 x 22cm).


World class insulating rolling shutter box, 26 x 32cm, ideal for very large spans and wide sliding systems, such as S700.

  • Double glass-reinforced polyamide 38mm and high thermal insulation Usb ~ 1 W/m2K.
  • Increased sound insulation >40dB.
  • Chambered profiles for high levels of sturdiness and anti-burglar protection.
  • Mounted on frames with up to 270mm width.
  • Maximum construction height over 3.5m.
  • Special type entry guides with roller and inox pin.

  • Rolling shutter box 260mm x 320mm
  • For frame width up to 270mm
  • Double glass-reinforced polyamide 38mm
  • Thermal insulation Usb ~ 1 W/m2K
  • Sound insulation >40dB
  • Maximum construction height over 3.5m


Extensive variety of extruded slats, compatible with all rolling shutter boxes of the market. Flawless functionality, top anti-burglar protection, ideal for large spans and finally, excellent aesthetics and design.

Depending on the use and customers’ preferences, different slats are available:

  • Perforated ones for outward visibility, interior lighting and natural ventilation.
  • Curved ones, the classic choice.
  • Flat ones, for more minimal design and sturdy shutter.
  • Large slats for very large spans and garage doors.

  • Curved and flat shape
  • With standard and special perforation
  • Natural ventilation/ Transparency up to 18%
  • Shutter width up to 6m


Insect protection system with aluminium frame with a large range of solutions (fixed, opening, sliding, hanging).

Depending on the use and customers’ preferences, different slats are available:

  • Easy and fast construction and installation.
  • Compatible with all our series and systems of the market.
  • Can be mounted to frames from other materials (plastic, wood), with flat and curved design.
  • Offers additional flexibility to the fabricator thanks to the use of common profiles with other our series.

SOFT, for aluminum frames
Soft is ideal for applications with fixed frames in hinged and sliding solutions and assures that surface stays flat in time.

Made of fiberglass and covered with a protective layer of vinyl polychloride (PVC), it offers a set of important properties, such as that remains flexible and resistant to corrosion, does not stain, does not rust and is not conducive to fire spread.

Available in various widths from 0.8m to 2.4m.

STIFF, for wrapping
Stiff is made of fiberglass and coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) of special chemical composition, and it is ideal for applications with wrapping systems. It gets not kinked during folding, remains corrosion resistant, does not stain, does not rust and does is not conducive to fire spread.

Available in various widths and lengths (102m, 500m and 1000m).

BETTERVUE, for ultimate visibility
BetterVue is the latest improvement of rolling screen fabrics (like Stiff) achieving higher protection against insects, better airflow and greater clarity and visibility.

Made of fiberglass and specially coated with a protective vinyl layer assures maximum durability, lasting beauty and color vibrancy. Produced according to the strictest standards, so that it never rusts, corrodes and stains.

PETSCREEN, for small children and pets
Special fabric, woven with durable polyester and additionally coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Particularly easy to install, it can withstand rough treatment (scratches pets) while maintains excellent visibility.

In applications with fixed or movable frames for palces with heavy traffic and especially presence of pets and small children.

Aluminium Grid for particular resistance
This aluminum grid, highly reliable and durable, is standard equipment for windows, doors and balconies. Available in 4 widths and light silver color.


Window drip sills for rainwater removal.

  • Significant increase of waterproofing and insulation.
  • Inexpensive solution alternative to wood and marble.
  • Wide range of sizes (from 50mm up to 300mm).