/ About Us

EcoTechnikal Aluminium was established through the necessity by the Principle of Inline Building & Construction, an upmarket Eastern suburbs building company.

EcoTechnikal Aluminium Company manufactures and produces doors, windows, glass investment of buildings, glass ceilings, taking into consideration the final user and the cover of their needs. The systems of aluminium that we use is by the company ALUMIL and they are distinguished for constructional correctness, for their modern design and for the resistibility in the use.

These systems are famous for their high aesthetics and functionalism. Also, the compatibility that is presented in the various systems strengthens the possibility of having the user combination of choices.

The company gives particular accent on issues guarantee of the quality of final products, as well as certification of products and productive processes under the specifications of internationally recognised organisation.

/ The Eco Technikal Advantage
Quality Products
Our aluminium systems are distinguished for constructional perfection, modern planning, and endurance.
Exclusive Designs
Our R&D department designs, studies and evolves many new products which offer high aesthetics and functionality.
Energy Saving
The high quality construction and insulation of our products maximises the energy efficiency of your home or premises.
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